Exact diagonalization, Lehmann's representation, Two-particle Green's functions

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pomerol is an exact diagonalization (full-ED) code written in C++ aimed at solving condensed matter second-quantized models of interacting fermions on finite size lattices at finite temperatures. It is designed to produce single and two-particle Greens functions.


Check http://pomerol.sourceforge.net or type make doc during compilation stage for the reference documentation.

The library, libpomerol is built. It then can be used to linking with executables. The example of the latter is given in example section and some working executables are given in prog subdirectory. Documentation can be compiled with a make doc command.

  • High performance exact calculation of a Green's function and a two-particle Green's function in Matsubara domain.
  • Written in C++: iterators are used to avoid zero matrix elements and vanishing combinations.
  • Symmetry analysis. The commutation relations between operators are taken into account.
  • Fermionic operators algebra to diagonalize any fermionic Hamiltonian.
  • Eigen3 template library for linear algebra is used (mostly its Sparse module).
  • MPI support.
  • CMake is used for the installation.

Check the dependencies: c++ compiler, CMake, Eigen3, Boost (with Boost::mpi and serialization), mpi and git to fetch the sources. For compiling the binaries from prog you'll need a tclap header-only library.

  • Checkout the latest sources git clone https://github.com/aeantipov/pomerol.git
  • In a directory run cmake <path_to_pomerol> -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<path>
    • add -DTesting=ON for compiling tests. Default = ON.
    • add -DProgs=ON for compiling provided binaries (from progs directory). These include diagonalizations of the Anderson impurity and Hubbard 2d cluster. Default = OFF.
    • add -DExamples=ON for compiling provided binary examples (from examples directory). Default = OFF.
    • add -Duse_complex=ON for allowing complex matrix elements in the Hamiltonian. Default = OFF.
  • make
  • make test (if tests are compiled)
  • make install
    • Shared library libpomerol will be in <path>/lib.
  • make doc generates the documentation in the doc subfolder.

The software is released under GPLv2 license.

Academic usage : please attribute this work by a citation to http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.17900.

  • Andrey Antipov
  • Igor Krivenko

Please feel free to contact and contribute!